Upon defeating Jojora, the player can return to Winkle Coliseum and find Psycho Kamek who allows the player to refight harder versions of the game's bosses. Unlike the other games in the series, these battles are probably among the hardest in the series and require strategy to defeat.

The player's goal is to defeat the boss (or complete the medley). They are ranked on how long they took, how many times they were KO'ed and how many items were used.

X Bosses (Easy) Edit

Class Boss Boss Name Rewards Additional Notes?
Class 1 Tolstar X Tolstar's attacks can either inflict the Trip status effect if they connect.
Class 2 Hoohooros X N/A
Class 3 Dragohoho X N/A
Class 4 Queen Bean X Queen Bean X's beans, will now summon Golden Beanies instead. They drop no EXP.
Class 5 Chuckolator X N/A
Class 6 Cackletta X Cackletta's dialogue is absent.

X Bosses (Medium) Edit

Class Boss Boss Name Rewards Additional Notes?
Class 1 Mom Piranha X
Class 2 Trunkle X
Class 3 Hermie III X Hermie III X's claw attack will lower the player's Attack if it connects.
Class 4 Popple X
Class 5 Beanty Biranha X

X Bosses (Hard) Edit

Class Boss Boss Name Rewards Additional Notes?
Class 1 Jojora X and Friends X Jojora X is assisted by two friends instead of one. Defeating Jojora X is optional.
Class 2 Popple X and Rookies The player fights Popple X, Rookie X and Birdo X.
Class 3 Fawful X All of his attacks are reversed from the original fight. Also, Fawful X's mech is now immune to Firebrand and Thunderbrand.
Class 4 The Koopalings X The player fights all 7 Koopalings in battle.

Battle Medley Edit

Class Boss Boss Name Additional Notes
Battle Medley Psycho Kamek The Battle Medley's secret boss.

Trivia Edit

Class 4 of the Hard Boss Rematches is the only time in the game where you get to fight all 7 Koopalings at once. As such, some of the bosses's attack patterns are altered for this fight (i.e Wendy doesn't clone herself until much later.

This game's Battle Medley is long enough that the game allows you to save your progress after you beat Cackletta X, Beanty Biranha X and The Koopalings X.

Psycho Kamek uses Bowletta's battle theme and borrows her meteor attack. He also borrows Cackletta's black hole attack and thunder, Hoohooros's laser beam, and Cackletta Soul's fire ring and electric ball attacks.

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