Monster Tale Deluxe is an enhanced port of the DS game Monster Tale developed by DreamRift and published by Majesco in 2017.

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Trapped in Monster World, Ellie and her companion Chomp must defeat the Kings of each section and find a way out.

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Additions to the Original Edit

The game adds in a new secret boss: Maniac Machine. This boss is a harder version of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure's final boss with a new colour scheme.

The game now has a hub area with multiple doors. These doors are unlocked by fighting several waves of enemies.

After the player beats the final boss, they'll unlock the Boss Rush and the Parallel World. In addition, they'll also unlock Gentleman Mode.

The player can find Golden items in challenging secret areas. Collecting them all unlocks the fight with Maniac Machine.

Differences from the Original Edit

Several of Ellie's upgrades are available from the start, the difficulty is raised slightly to accommodate this.

The game's difficulty is now called the Standard Difficulty with 2 new difficulty modes added in.

Ellie's alternate palette can also be bought (though the Konami Code method is still available).

Unlockables Edit

Parallel World: The door to the Parallel World is unlocked by defeating the final boss. The dungeon is a harder mirrored version of the game's overworld with altered level design and enhanced bosses.

Boss Rush: This option appears on the Main Menu once the final boss is defeated

Difficulty Modes: Once the player beats the game on Standard Difficulty, they'll unlock Gentleman Mode which makes the game harder by making enemies and bosses deal more damage and

Maniac Machine: A secret boss that is a harder version of Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure's final boss, it can be unlocked by collecting all the Golden items.

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