Upon beating Mario e Luigi:: Ottimostella Saga, you'll unlock two post game dungeons which will challenge the player's skills as well as their combat abilities.

Blackbean Island Edit

This island has 3 short areas: Black Jungle, Cave of Hopelessness and the Black Castle. Each area has it's own enemies and various blocks filled with goodies.

Starting off in the Black Plains, the brothers have 5 minutes to extinguish all the fire before they can continue forward. Once the fire is out, the real challenge begins as the brothers must climb upward before finding the hole at the top. By jumping into the hole, the brothers will fall down into the Cave of Hopelessness.

Cave of Hopelessness is a lavender and purple redeco of Joke's End with harder puzzles. Unlike the rest of Blackbean Island, it's enemies aren't dark themed and can be considered a sight for sore eyes.

However, once the bros make their way out of the Cave of Hopelessness, they're forced back into the darkness. The Black Fortress requires the use of Firebrand and Thunderhand to light the way while facing off against enemies.

Once they reach the end of Black Fortress, the Mario Brothers will be ambushed by an unknown force. It'll take on the forms of several bosses and at low HP will split themselves into dark copies of the Mario Bros before being defeated.

Enemy Enemy Name Location Level EXP Gold
Dark Beanie Black Plains
Dark Troopea Black Plains
Dark Clumph Black Plains
Magikoopa Shadow Cave of Hopelessness
Anuboo SP Cave of Hopelessness
Red Boo Cave of Hopelessness
Dark Statue Black Fortress
Dark Rex Black Fortress
Dark Bones Black Fortress
???? Black Fortress (BOSS)

Pit of 100 Trials Edit

The Pit of 100 Trials can be located near and will only appear once the game is beaten. Once the player goes in, the only way to leave is by taking the entrance or a warp pipe on every 9th floor.

Within the dungeon, the player must fight enemies on every floor aside from the rest floors every 9th floor and the item shops on every 10th floor. The floors get more and more difficult as the dungeon wears on and the player may feel overwhelmed. Once they suffer enough to reach Floor 100, they'll come face to face with the boss of the dungeon.

Enemy Enemy Name Floor Level EXP Gold
Boo x3 #1
Dry Bones x3 #2
Troopea x2 + Hammerbean Bro x1 #3
Rex x4 + Beanarang Bro x1 #4
Beanie x5 #5
Mecha Chomp x 2, Mecha Blooper x1 + Bill Blaster x1 #6
Dry Bones x2, Rex x2 and Magikoopa x 1 #7
Virus x2 #8
Hammerbean Bro x1, Beanarang Bro x1 and Chomp Bro x1 #11

Trivia Edit

The enemy Dark Statue is a palette swap of Hoohooros and is the only enemy on Blackbean Island to be a palette swap of a boss.

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