Pyramid Quest was a game released in 2014 by Unfortunate Games. It stars a multi-millionaire going through a pyramid to rescue his buddy.

Story Edit

The story is that Richard(main character) is relaxing on his chair when he finds something in the newspaper! He calls over Bobby(the second main character) over and he is shocked! Richard tells Bobby that a pyramid has been discovered. Richard thought this was his chance to rob it and take all of its treasures! Bobby was excited and they went to the desert to find it. They eventually find it and jump in it via the top trapdoor. They fall into a tomb and an evil spirit called the Necromancer comes. He attacks Bobby and kidnaps him. Richard falls down the pyramid and loses all of his money. He then realizes that he must rescue Bobby. He goes on forward and finds a librarian in the library. The librarian tells Richard that there are five gems, the Emerald, the Crystal, the Ruby, the Sapphire, and the Diamond, and if he finds all of them, the librarian will help him rescue his friend. Richard goes on and fights the Three Knights. After defeating them, they transform into three adventurers. They tell Richard that they were cursed by the Necromancer and transformed into the Three Knights. They give him the Emerald and he gives it to the librarian.

Map Edit

The map of the pyramid has 5 areas.

The Emerald Library: The first area. Richard falls down here at the beginning. Enemies here include the Bat, Skeleton, Evil Book, Scroll Keeper, Tomb Robber, Ghost, and the Three Knights. The librarian is located here and Richard has to come back here every time he gets a new gem.

The Crystal Corridor: The second area. Richard visits this area second. Enemies here include the Bat, Crystal Skeleton, Haunted Knight, Tomb Robber, Ghost, Spirit, and Ghostly the Poltergeist. This area is a glimmering corridor with many traps and holes.

Catacombs: The third area. Richard visits this area third. Enemies here include the Bat, Lava Skeleton, Lava Monster, Money Robber, Brick Monster, Ghost, Spider, and Burnghast. This area is an underground dark red area with lava and spikes everywhere.