Re:Denpa Men: They Came By Wave is a turn based RPG developed by Genius Sonority for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a remake of The Denpa Men: They Came By Wave that delivers a new and improved experience.

Plot Edit

The King of Evil has kidnapped Crystal and it's up to you and a band of fellow Denpa Men to save her before the world winds up in peril...

Main Dungeons/Bosses Edit

Dungeon Name Recommended Level Recommended Element Description Mini-Bosses Bosses
Digitoll Underground LV:05 None Monsters lurk beneath Digitoll's surface, can you take them on? N/A Wolfbear
Windy Forest LV:10 Earth A forest that is known for it's consistent windy climate. N/A Wind Bug
Ocean Cave Lv:15 Wind An undersea cave teeming with life that can only be found here. N/A Octopider
Tower of Evil LV:20 Light A dark place that is home to the King of Evil. Dark Wolfbear King of Evil
Scorch Volcano LV:25 Water Guarded by a Fighting Deity known as the Pawn, it lives alone with it's master. Power Knight Pawn
Road to Oasis LV:30 Ice An old place that was once a place of worship, it's been left to rot in time. Dragon Fly Moss Demon
Ice Island LV:35 Fire A harsh place where few survive, legend has it that it's home to a fallen Incarnation of Ice. Ice Golem Ice Demon
Dark Ruins LV:40 All A peninsula of dark power, the King of Evil has come here to grow stronger. Demon Grand King

Post Game Dungeons/Bosses Edit

Dungeon Name Recommended Level Recommenced Element Descriptions Mini-Bosses Bosses
Guardian Tower LV:60 All A huge tower that overlooks the world, it's home to the 3 strongest beings on the planet... Black Knight Rook, Queen and King
Gate to Hades LV:70 Light A dark place where the damned rest for eternity. Darker Dragon Lord Malignus
Cave of Darkness LV:80 Light A dark place where monsters lurk, you'll be cast out once time runs out... N/A Knight
Bastion of Rebirth LV:90 All Ruins of a forgotten training ground, only memories exist now. N/A Wolfbear Memory, Pawn Memory. Power Knight Memory, Ice Demon Memory, King of Evil Memory,Master Oink
Guardian Tower (Underground) LV:99 Fire/Water/Ice/Light N/A True King

Other Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Name Recommended Level Recommended Element Description Bosses
Fairy Shrine I LV:10 Fire A test against the powers of Earth... Golem
Fairy Shrine II LV:20 Earth A test against the powers of Wind... Pazuzu
Fairy Shrine III LV:30 Wind A test against the powers of Water... Leviathan
Fairy Shrine IV LV:40 Water A test against the powers of Fire... Ifrit
Sealed Grounds LV:50 Ice/Earth A test against the sealed beasts... Thunder Dragon/Havoc Dragon

Additions to the original Edit

3 new bonus dungeons are added in, they're known as the Bastion of Rebirth, Cave of Darkness and Gate to Hades.

5 Shrines have been added in and are unlocked when you beat a dungeon. They're designed to test your elemental knowledge.

Differences from the original Edit

The dungeons Gate to Hades and Cave of Darkness are based off elements from the sequels, the latter even uses the same light mechanics from The Denpa Men 2/The Denpa Men 3.

Unlike the original game, the main story ends after you defeat the Grand King. As a result, the game is very different once the credits roll.

Denpa Men can wield more than one power which manifests in them gaining multiple colours and enhanced stats.

It's easier to find stronger Denpa Men when you're out hunting them. Shiny ones will appear once you defeat the King of Evil for the first time.

The main character will always be black and white and has stronger stats due to having the ability to revive other party members.

The three fighting Deities (Rook, Queen and King) are fought in a post-game sidequest at Guardian Tower which requires you beat Grand King.

The game takes several elements from it's sequels such as:

Being able to equip multiple pieces of equipment (and seeing your Denpa Men in them).

Barriers being nerfed.

Online battles

The map being replaced with an overworld

The ability to warp from Digitoll to various areas in the game.

Trivia Edit

Malignus and Havoc Dragon are both from The Denpa Men 3: Rise of Digitoll and even keep the Final Bosss theme from that game as their battle theme.

Thunder Dragon, Ifrit, Knight, Demon and Master Oink are bosses from The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves.

The boss theme that plays for the first four Shrine bosses is a remix of The Denpa Men 2: Beyond the Waves, the battle themes for Thunder Dragon/Havoc Dragon are the second and third game's final boss themes.

The third game's boss theme is remixed for the fights against Black Knight, Pawn/Queen/King and the Memory Bosses.

The second game's boss theme is remixed for the minibosses and the first four shrine bosses.