Secret Islands (Mario e Luigi: Squadra dei Sogni) are several post-game dungeons accessible once the player defeats Dreamy Bowser.

Island 1 Edit

Island 1 is a darker, more difficult version of Pi'llo Castle with much stronger enemies. To access it, the player must find take a purple pipe from where they fought Smouldergeist. At various points, the player must travel through it's dream areas in order to get around the areas they can't access. Upon defeating the Metal Bros, the player will be rewarded with the Blue Shell attack which hits the enemy multiple times before flying upwards and hitting the enemy by exploding.

Enemy Enemy Name Enemy Type Level EXP Coins Drops
Dark Block R
Dark Block R Dream 47 700 200 Secret Box(100%)
Somba Dream 47 666 160 Max-Nut/Max Syrup
Hyper Goomba
Hyper Goomba Real 47 720 400 Poison Mushroom/1-Up Deluxe
Shy guy
Tough Guy Real 47 744 400 Taunt Ball/Boo Biscuit
Metal Mario
Metal Mario Boss 50 8000 0 Metal Gloves and Meta Crystal
Metal Luigi
Metal Luigi Boss 50 8000 0 Metal Shoes and 2x Max Candy

Island 2 Edit

Island 2 is a palette swapped version of Dozing Sand with elements from Dreamy Driftwood Shore. Upon defeating the Exterminator you'll obtain the Super Bomb which allows the player a 25% of critical damage for each bomb.

Enemy Enemy Name Enemy Type Level EXP Coins Drops
Golden Lakitu Dream 49 0 1000 N/A
Bronze Beanie
Bronze Beanie Dream 49 800 500 Dark Hammer, Crystal Hammer(50%) and Angel Wear(25%)
Pi'illodactyl RR
Pi'illodactyl RR Real 49 560 230 Max Syrup/Max Mushroom
Bandit R
Bandit R Real 49 578 577 Poison Mushroom, 1-Up Deluxe and Max Mushroom
Exterminator (Air)
Exterminator (Air) Boss 50 5000 0 5x Taunt Ball
Exterminator (Ground)
Exterminator (Ground) Boss 50 5000 0 5x Poison Mushroom

Island 3 Edit

Island 3 takes place on a garbage dump with murky water. It's dream world requres the player to manipulate the powers of fire and ice to get ahead. To access it, they must find a purple pipe at the top of Mount Pajamaja. The dungeon is filled with stronger versions of older enemies and upon defeating Sludgemaargh (and it's minions), you'll obtain the Ice Flower attack which allows the Mario Bros to attack enemies with Ice balls.

Enemy Enemy Name Enemy Type Level EXP Coins Drops
Iceight Dream 50 700 620 Max Mushroom, 1-Up Deluxe
Flaray Dream 50 700 620 Poison Mushroom, Refreshing Herb
Dreamcap RR
Dreamcap RR Real 50 250 500 Metal Box, Secret Box(50%) and Taunt Bomb(25%)
Beehoss R
Behoss R Real 50 1000 1540 N/A
Sludgemaargh Boss 55 10,000 0 4x Poison Mushroom and 4x Refreshing Herbs
Sludge Bros Boss 50 0 0 N/A

Island 4 Edit

Island 4 is a sepia version of Neo Bowser Castle with elements of Somnom Woods that is much shorter, has no items and requires the player to venture into the Dream World in order to dispel hexes placed upon the doors to other areas. Accessing this dungeon requires the player to find a purple pipe deep in Somnom Woods where they fought Pi'Ilodium. Upon defeating Antasma AR(and his Anstamunchies AR), you'll obtain the Jump Helmet which has Mario jump off a springboard helmet Luigi is wearing before jumping on the enemy.

Enemy Enemy Name Enemy Type Level EXP Coins Drops
Antasman R
Antasman R Dream 50 900 450 Secret Box, Poison Mushroom
Krubbish R Dream 50 460 500 Perfect Bro Gloves, 1-Up Gloves
Eyepi'illo R
Eyepi'llo Real 50 500 900 Max Nuts, Taunt Ball
Antasmaton R Real 50 820 842 N/A
Pi'illodium AR
Pi'llodium AR Boss 55 8000 0 N/A
Antasma AR
Antasma AR Boss 60 12,000 0 Angel Wear, Dark Hammer
Antasmunchie AR
Ancient Antasmunchie Boss 55 0 0 N/A

Island 5 Edit

Upon completing all 4 Secret Islands, you'll unlock a secret area that has no enemies and resembles Pi'llo Castle. There are 3 rooms and in each room, you fight powerful monsters. Once all 3 rooms are done, you'll have to fight one lass boss...

Boss Boss Name Enemy Type Level EXP Coins Drops
Grobot R
Grobot 2.0 Boss 60 2000 0 N/A
Torkscrew R
Torkscrew R Boss 60 2500 0 N/A
Mammoshka R
Mammoshka R Boss 60 2500 0 N/A
Popple R
Popple R Boss 60 2500 0 N/A
Kamek R
Kamek R Boss 60 2500 0 N/A
Bowser (Fake)
???? Boss 65 0 0 N/A
Wart Boss 70 0 0 Dream Clothes, Dream Gloves, Dreamer Hammer

Trivia Edit

Island 4 is the only one with a sepia effect and where only 3 of the monsters there aren't mechanical/

Island 5 can only be accessed once all 4 islands are clear. It's also the only island to have no enemies aside from Wart's henchmen and Wart himself.

???? is a disguise Wart uses before fighting you himself, as a result ???? has low HP.

Grobot 2.0's colour scheme resembles Birdo which fits considering that Wart and Birdo originate from Super Mario Bros 2.

The Metal Bros are palette swaps of Mario and Luigi which is a reference to Super Smash Bros Melee where the player could fight Metal Mario and Metal Luigi at the end of the game's Adventure Mode.

The Jump Helmet returns from Bowser's Inside Story and has been reworked not to use both screens.

The Blue Shell's last attack is a reference to the Mario Kart series where it bombs any player unfortunate enough to be in 1st place.