Super Lego Mario Bros is a LEGO version of the Mario game, but with different gameplay and mechanics. Super Lego Mario Bros was released for the Wii on April 7th, 2009 in Japan release. American release was on September 16, 2009. European release was on October 17, 2009.

Plot Edit

Oh no! Bowser is at it again! But, he kidnapped Yoshi! Join Mario and Luigi as they work together to free Yoshi from the clutches of Bowser.


This game is only 3 Worlds long.

Locations Edit

Peaches Castle

Bowsers Castle

Missions Edit

Mission 1: Defeat Anonymous (Skull)

Mission 2: Defeat Jack Koopa Jr.

Mission 3: Defeat Jack Koopa Sr.

Mission 4: Defeat King Koopa

Mission 5: Defeat Bowser

Bosses Edit

Anonymous (A skeleton with no official name)

Jack Koopa Jr. (strong Koopa Jr)

Jack Koopa Sr. (Father of Jack Koopa Jr.)

King Koopa (Stronger minion)

Bowser (final boss)

Trivia Edit

King Koopa is actually another minion in this game.

Anonymous is one of Mario's old childhood enemies

Bowser uses bigger fire breath.

Jack Koopa Sr. is the second ever Koopa to ever live.