The Battle Ring is an optional area the player can access in Pi'ilo Castle once they beat the game. Here, the player can fight against the X Bosses, stronger bosses with enhanced stats and new colour schemes

Real World Bosses Edit

Class Boss Boss Name Battle Fee Rewards
Smoldergeist X
Smouldergeist X 100 Coins 250 Coins
Grobot X 150 Coins 500 Coins
Torkscrew X 200 Coins 1000 Coins
Mammoshka X 250 Coins 1500 Coins
Wiggler X
Wigger X 300 Coins 2000 Coins
Popple X
Popple X 350 Coins 2500 Coins
Pi'llodium X 400 Coins 3000 Coins

Dream World Bosses Edit

Class Boss Boss Name Battle Fee Rewards
Dreamy Mario X
Dreamy Mario X 200 Coins 500 Coins, 2x 1-Up Deluxe
Bowser and AntasmaX
Bowser X and Antasma X 250 Coins 1000 Coins and Wellington Boots
Sorrow Fist X
Heavy Zest X
Beef Cloud X
Big Massif's Disciples X 300 Coins 1500 Coins and Supreme Hammer
Big Massif 350 Coins 2000 Coins and Perfect POW Gloves
Elite Trio X
Elite Trio X 400 Coins 2500 Coins, 4x Max Nuts and King Wear
Kamek X 450 Coins 3000 Coins, 4x 1-Up Deluxe and Perfect Bro Gloves
Antasma X
Antasma X 500 Coins 3500 Coins, 4 Max Candy and Legendary Wear

Giant Bosses Edit

Robo Drilldigger X

Mount Pajamaja X

Earthwake X

Zeekeeper X

Giant Bowser X

Secret Bosses Edit

Bowser Jr (can be fought once all Real World Bosses are defeated)

Dry Bowser (can be fought once all Dream World Bosses are defeated)

King Boo (fought at the end of the Battle Medley)

Giant Mario (fought at the end of the Giant Battle Medley)

Trivia Edit

Several new bosses were added in, the ones that didn't have colour schemes originally now have new colour schemes.

Dreamy Mario X's colour scheme is a reference to Wario, his archnemesis.

Bowser X's colour scheme is based off one of his Smash 4 palettes. Antasma X's colour scheme is altered to be closer to his original X colour scheme.

Kamek X and the Elite Trio X's colour schemes are inverse to RGB, being magenta, cyan and yellow.

Kamek X's fight is based off the third one with his clones being cyan, yellow and black.

Both the Real World and Dream World have 7 bosses each.

Elite Trio X and Big Massif's Disciples X are the only bosses where the player fights multiple enemies at once. Their colour schemes are also based of the Super Famicom controller.

Instead of a limited amount of turns, the player is graded on how long they took during each battle.

The fights with Bowser Jr and Dry Bowser require the player to pay 1000 coins every time they want to fight them.

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